Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the common questions we get below.

Does weather affect the effectiveness?

The Spider Guys do our best to administer barrier sprays only when the best weather conditions are met to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is possible that rain and high winds can affect the distribution and positioning of the barrier product, so we deliberately schedule around these kind of adverse weather events.

Do you do special events?

Yes! If you are planning a special outdoors party, wedding, or event, call on us to help keep your even pest free. While our name only implies spiders, we handle a full range of barrier protection for insects on the land and in the air. However, plan ahead as we recommend two sprays as early as two weeks before the event. This breaks up the breeding cycle and will ensure maximum effectiveness.

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What if it rains?

As long as the initial barrier spray of the product has been able to cure undisturbed, which is typically 30 minutes to an hour after the spray. Rain should not affect the products effectiveness. However, long periods of rain may reduce the total number of days the barrier remains effective.

Will treatment stain my windows?

Unlike some of the other companies, our home treatments use an advanced water-based pesticide that has a similar impact as water. This means that you can enjoy excellent pest mitigation while keep your windows clean!

There are some instances where more aggressive pest control measures may be used on some accounts, which may involve the use of pesticides that cause staining to windows. But we will always inform clients if this procedure is necessary.

Do you provide other services except spiders?

While our name is The Spider Guys, we actually provide a wide range of protective pest repellent services. When desired, we are able to provide mosquito barrier sprays, pre-season tick sprays, and winter preventative treatments to stop insects from taking shelter in your home during the cold months.

We also provide services for rodents and general pest control!

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What region do you service?

Currently, we are servicing the Windsor-Essex County region. Our regular routes range from Windsor, Tecumseh, Lasalle, to Amherstburg, Kingsville, Essex, Comber, Lakeshore, Leamington and more!

If you require treatments outside of these regions, use our Contact Us form with the details of your request and we will get back to you with a quote.

How much does it cost?

All of our list prices cover up to a 1/2 acre or a standard family sized home depending on the product. Most jobs fall within this range to residential applications. If you require commerical or large property protection, we would be happy to quote the job. Use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why do I still see some bugs?

While we make every possible effort in our formula and application to clear and keep your yard bug free, there is no treatment that is 100% effective. Factors such as neighbouring yards, dense wooded areas, still water, and burrowing insects such as carpenter bees, can all impact your experience after treatment. Flying insects are only affected after landing on a treated surface and as such are not guaranteed. However, we do offer a respray service for ground insects.

Is your treatment safe?

Yes! Our product contains ingredients shared in lice and flea treaments. Common products you may already be familiar with and may have used in the past.

The active ingredient is called Permethrin. Identical to Pyrethrin, a product used as a natural defense mechanism in the chrysanthemum flower to stop pests from compromising them. Permethrin is used in a number of ways to control insects. Products containing permethrin may be used in public health mosquito control programs. They are also commonly used on food and feed crops, on ornamental lawns, on livestock and pets, in structures and buildings, and on clothing. Permethrin may also be used in places where food is handled, such as restaurants.

How long until it is safe to use my yard?

The products we use are safe and will not harm pets or animals, but we recommend  a “staying period” to guarantee the barrier is not disturbed before it sets.

Our fast-acting formula sets up in as little as 30 minutes in ideal weather conditions. In most cases you can resume normal usage after that time frame. 

In some cooler, overcast conditions, we recommend clients wait up to an hour to allow the product to set.

What is a barrier spray?

When we talk about “barrier” sprays and treatments, we are referring to creating a temporary shield to protect your home. A typical treatment will target known hot spots and entry points. Our products works both to kill the existing insects and prevent new insects from entering your residence.