Barrier Sprays

Ant Treatment &

Effective Protection Against ants

Thorough, Customized Approach

We never take a cookie-cutter approach to ant control. Our experienced technicians begin with a detailed inspection of your property, taking note of potential ant hotspots and any special requests you might have.

Safe and Effective Solutions

We formulate our treatment solutions with precision, ensuring maximum effectiveness against ants while prioritizing the safety of your family, pets, and the environment.

Discreet and Convenient Service

With our "HomeGuard" package, your home's exterior is treated using a specialized, clear-drying formula that leaves no unsightly residue. You may not even know we were there, but we'll always leave a card as proof of our visit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your peace of mind is our priority. The Spider Guys back all of our services with a satisfaction guarantee. If you ever encounter any issues after a service, just give us a call - we'll work with you to find a solution.

Home and Barrier Sprays

The Treatment

What to Expect from Our ant Treatment Process

The ANT Inspection

Your Spider Guys technician will carefully examine your property, pinpointing areas where ants like to hide and breed. This includes under eaves, around window frames, in sheds, along fence lines, and other secluded areas.

Equipment and Formulations

Protecting you is important to us! Before applying any treatments, your technician will suit up in the appropriate protective gear. Our solutions are expertly mixed depending on the type of ants present and the targeted application areas.

The "YardGuard" Barrier Spray

This perimeter treatment forms a protective shield around your yard discouraging ants from venturing closer to your home. We strategically apply this solution multiple times throughout the season for long-lasting protection.

The "HomeGuard" Barrier Spray

Our specialized clear-drying solution treats the exterior of your home, creating an invisible barrier that deters ants. No more worrying about smudges or residues on doors and windows – discretion is key.