InVade Hot Spot Bio Foam 16oz.

InVade Hot Spot Bio Foam 16oz.


About this item

  • Active Ingredient Premium microbes
  • Invade Hot spot can be used to clean stains on carpets and works well on soda, juice, milk, wine, beer, food residue, oil, urine, vomit, and most other organic material. Hot Spot can also be used in drains, garbage disposals, litter boxes, trash cans, and other scummy or smelly surfaces.
  • Application Apply InVade Bio Drain in any crack, crevice, or drain.
  • Comes Ready to USE
  • 24 inch Hose Extension Actuator is SOLD SEPARATELY

Specific Uses For Product Carpet, Drain, Litter Box
Item Form Foam
Brand Invade
Surface Recommendation Drain
Scent Citrus


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